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We commit ourselves and dedicate much of our time, technology and attention to ensure your information stays private and secure at all times.

Why it matters to us.

We live in a world that exposes us to risks in both the physical and digital world every day. Keys, cards, and badges can be cloned, passwords can be shared, guessed, or stolen, pins and verification codes can be phished. It’s a constant, and it’s overwhelming.

Instead of things becoming easier and simpler, things become more complex and more onerous on the human to have to protect themselves from these constant security threats. We believe it doesn’t have to be this way.

We believe you can significantly increase security, while at the same time remove the friction and dependence on humans. We come to work every day, applying this mindset to everything we do.

Store data locally

When it comes to your personal data, we prefer to keep that on your phone and not our servers. That way you are in control of it, and it’s away from prying eyes or data pools for hackers to steal.

Secure all access

We leverage the security capabilities on your smartphone to secure access to the information stored in there. From secure element hardware, to biometric phone unlocks, we optimize to make sure only you can access your data.

Encrypt all communications

We encrypt every communication between your phone and devices. When sharing your data with another device, an encrypted connection is created between both devices that prohibits any other from accessing that information.

Your privacy matters. Learn more about how we protect your privacy and personal data.

End-to-end encryption.

All device-to-device or device-to-hardware communications between Proxy enabled systems is transmitted through an encrypted end-to-end connection between both senders and receivers. On top of that, we also encrypt the data being sent, offering a double security layer of protection.

sender and receiver phones

Sender security

When you interact with other devices or users you are always passing along your data encrypted. Your data is not only encrypted, but also signed by Proxy. Each interaction is ephemeral and can not be captured or replayed. Your private keys that sign the data never leave your phone.

Receiver security

When you receive someone’s data on your device your phone will always verify Proxy’s signature - making sure that the information you have received is valid. The document can be trusted.

Built on Best-in-Class Security Standards

  • DID, DIDComm (Decentralized Identifiers, W3C)

  • VC (Verifiable Credentials, W3C)

  • PKI (Public Key Cryptography and Infrastructure)

  • ECC (Elliptic-Curve Cryptography)

  • AES (Advanced Encryption Standard)

Privacy and Data Protection

Proxy is committed to helping our users understand their rights and our obligations under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and other upcoming laws. We have introduced tools and processes, such as collecting explicit consent, to ensure our compliance with the requirements and to help our customers comply with these important regulations as well.

Enterprise grade security and compliance

Proxy complies with enterprise security and privacy requirements, such as SOC-2 and GDPR, CCPA and works with external auditors to ensure the highest grade of security is met and adhered to at all times.

  • SOC2 Enterprise Security

  • GDPR Privacy Requirements

  • CCPA California Privacy Act

Security assessment

Request a copy of our latest external security assessment.

SOC-2 report

Review our controls for security, availability, and confidentiality.

Responsible disclosure

Report a security vulnerability or breach to our security team.